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Welcome to the 20th century. (Photo: Seiberts)

Seiberts: Classic Bar & Liquid Kitchen

It’s either time travel or holiday. Or simply both. The very first moment you enter Seiberts main room leaves a distinct impression by the use of red and golden colours and soft leather textures. That’s the way the golden 20s must have looked like. Absolutely stylish. The chandelier underlines that impression. A few steps ahead lies the romantic inner yard that reminds us more than a bit of Cuba. A beautiful and naturally aged clinker stone wall surrounds some vintage chairs and tables. There’s even a swing for lovebirds. It’s like a paradise in the middle of Colognes fancier shopping streets. A quiet and peaceful moment. Equally gentle will you be welcomed by a staff that seems to know their regular customers very well. The air is full of calm connexions between the people. A gentle whisper to the left. A discrete order to the right. Flavoured with a personal note. It feels more than right. The Seiberts is definitely a place to be. And not only because of the swing we recommend it highly …

Supreme quality within every drink. (Photo: Shepheard)

SHEPHEARD: Welcome to my favourite cocktail place

The Shepheard opened its doors in 2004, only a few years later a medical student and schoolmate introduced me to that bar and today it is one of my favourite places to be. At that time, being a student myself, I’ve never seen a place like this. Or cocktails like this. Up to that point a Mojito combined with wooden chairs has been my prime example for cocktail bars. Well, the Shepheard is different. Completely different. And that’s absolutely to their advantage. The interior has been strictly inspired by colonial-style. Warm colours. Dark leather tints. And wooden applications. When you pass the doors, you’ll get a few steps beneath the city and enter their main lounge. It feels almost like relaxation for your eyes. Everything is stylish and heartfelt. The setting seems to be perfect. Perfect for close friends and having a good time with business partners as well. It is also perfect for first dates. That’s probably the reason why there are still some fancy students. You simply want to introduce it to people …