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Main view and entrance. (Photo: Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg)

Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg: Bon Voyage inside a Grand Hotel

The Atlantic Kempinski offers its customers a huge setting of history. It opened in 1909 in order to comfort early passengers between the European and American Atlantic Route. Many people had to say Goodbye or Bon Voyage at this place. Just imagine horses on the roads, very few automobiles and steam-engined ships ahead of your window. A little bit later, in the year 1957, the Atlantic got part of the Kempinski Hotels. And till today it is one of the Leading Hotels of the World – that’s quite a title! Some of the perhaps most notable guests have been Charles de Gaulle, Maria Callas and even Neil Armstrong. So, there are all kind of remarkable guests, from statesman to one of the most renowned opera singers in the world. One man came directly from the moon – that’s a fact! Maybe it’s the spirit of the Atlantic Kempinski, the luxurious interior or the perfect service one may find at every corner and every table. Even James Bond had to visit this place once. You may …